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Handmade wooden wall panels for a unique look

Teak Your Wall offers stylish wooden wall panels, which make each interior look very special. These recycled panels are composed of boat wrecks and small teak houses. Each panel is unique and has its own story.

Everything can be adapted to the space you want to be decorated, with either a strategically placed panel, a full wall, or a teak wood strip. Besides, Teak Your Wall panels are available in different styles and color combinations, so they fit into any interior.

Our panels are maintenance free and suitable for not only for living rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms, but also for shops, restaurants, hotels, or offices as well. Be sure to look carefully at our catalogues to explore the different styles.

Wooden wall panels improve the acoustics of your room

Sound can often feel uncomfortably hollow and harsh in an area with a lot of hard materials.This problem can be solved by the placement of one or more wooden wall panels. It not only positively affects the whole atmosphere, but will make sound much more pleasant.

Recycled materials and eco-friendly production

All our walls are made of recycled materials, and the whole production process is very eco-friendly. No trees are cut for our panels! You can find more information about our production process on the “Origins of Our Products” page.

Variety of designs

Thanks to the variety of styles, our panels are suited to both modern and retro surroundings. In our brochure we’ll introduce you to the variety of our designs. Standard panel dimensions are 40 x 120 cm. The weight depends on the panel type. Panels can be attached either horizontally or vertically, and are easy to install. We provide installation instructions with all of the necessary documentation for every order.

Ordering and delivery

When you find a panel which perfectly suits your space, please contact us for a quote. We have most type of panels in stock, which guarantees fast delivery.