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Recycled wallcovering from Indonesia

The story of Teak Wood Your Wall coverings begins in Indonesia. Old teak boats and houses are bought and recycled into wooden wall panels. Thus, each panel has its own unique history.

First, all materials are properly dried. Then all nails are removed and the wood is sawed into cubes. Next, the wooden blocks are carefully sorted according to their specific characteristics and color. After that they are put together again and glued as 9 mm plywood. Then the panels are lightly sanded and coated with either a clear or dark lacquer. Finally, after a thorough inspection for quality, the processed panels are packed and prepared for shipping.

Production control

Our entire production process is very eco-friendly. We only use recycled wood and do not cut down any trees. All work is performed at our sites in Indonesia, which we visit regularly. During our visits there we not only supervise the quality of our wall panels, but also make sure that working conditions are as good as possible. Thanks to these procedures we can provide a high quality, eco-friendly, and socially responsible product.

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